Field Day - AADARC - KK6MTQ

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Field Day
Held every year in June
Annual Event for Testing Emergency Communications
This year's Field Day was as much a test for our communications skills but also a celebration since the two previous years were impacted by pandemic lock downs. But this year the club was back in full force and our setup was back at the Acton Park. Once again, the club combined radio, friendship, and food for a wonderful day.
The Acton Park rotunda provides plenty of space and shade. Club members provided radios, power, antennas, and solar panels.
Here Brian, N6CVO is overseeing his "GO" kit providing operations with the club's local Winlink node. With this setup we were able to demonstrate sending and receiving emails using Amateur Radio.
Rob, K7MMR brought his entire portable station including a shade canopy and a sign. Rob is involved with located in the AV.
Guest operator Melanie is working with Ben, KN6GQS. The radio is an Elecraft KX2 that was used for FT8 digital communications as well as phone on single side band. The antenna was an end fed long wire.
Nancy, wife of Mark, AD6TG, enjoys a cool drink while visiting with Ben, KN6GQS.
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