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We will be conducting an Amateur Radio Technician License class starting January 17, 2024. Let us know if you you would be interested. Details
The Acton Agua Dulce Amateur Radio Club is a group of active Amateur Radio operators located in the Acton and Agua Dulce area of Southern California. We provide communications support for our local community and help individuals who would like to become Amateur Radio operators.
What is Amateur Radio?
Amateur Radio is a fascinating hobby that offers many possibilities for enjoyment as well as providing emergency communications in the event of a naturual disaster. Do you like to help others? We do that! Are you into technology? Amateur Radio is a great way to stay current with the latest electronic designs. Do you like to meet people? Becoming an Amateur Radio operator is easy to achieve and you can meet interesting people with similar interests both on the air and in person.
How do I join in the Fun?
Come visit us at our next club meeting. We meet every month at the Acton Agua Dulce Library. We can provide you all the information and assistance that you need to obtain your FCC license. More
Field Day
Held every June, Field Day is a national exercise where Amateur radio operators test their emergency and operational skills.
Our club provides communications support for both the Acton parade in July and the Agua Dulce parade in September.
Amateur Technician Class
Earning your Technician class radio license is not hard and no Morse code is required.
Join us for our next club meeting

We meet every third Thursday at 6 PM at the Acton Agua Dulce Public Library, 33792 Crown Valley Rd, Acton. Guests are always welcome. No meeting is held in the month of July and December.
No club meeting in December but rather we will meet for breakfast at Crazy Otto's in Acton. 33317 Santiago Rd, Acton, December  9th at 9AM. Please RSVP to Mark, AD6TG@arrl.net if you plan on attending.
Renew your membership? We now support Paypal and credit cards
AADARC participated in the 2023 Great ShakeOut
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